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  • Angel of Song (Master of Illusion Book 3)

    Angel of Song (Master of Illusion Book 3)

    Genre: Historical Fiction
    ASIN: B018HMANK4
    From award-winning author Anne Rouen comes the third novel in the Master of Illusion series. Angel of Song is a historical romance set in France during the Great War.
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    About the Book

  • Born into the halcyon era of the Belle Époque, Parisian debutante
    Angelique de Villefontaine has been shielded all her young life by her
    influential guardian, the marquis du Bois, and his lifelong companion,
    Madame Dupont. Despite the protection of her mentors, the allure of
    her ethereal beauty and surpassing talent cannot be restrained, and
    Angelique’s life becomes a frenetic whirl of performance and social
    engagement, peppered with the seduction of fame and adulation. Though
    she has a voice of an angel, she is not without her demons.

    Unbeknownst to Angelique, her guardian is frantically attempting to
    bring the antiquated French Military into the twentieth century.
    Acutely aware of growing political tensions and paranoia sweeping
    Europe, the marquis’ efforts are rebuffed. Despairing, he sends his
    protégé on a mission hitherto unthinkable. Oblivious to this
    seething political clime, Angelique embarks on the most important tour
    of her budding career, only to be turned back by a murder that plunges
    the world into darkness.

    Rendered hysterical by the horrors of war, Angelique rallies to help
    the wounded. Amidst rumours of an angel whose voice can inspire,
    soothe and heal, an eminent general makes an astonishing request. And
    the marquis must use all his ingenuity to protect his ward from
    enemies, both within their own military and without.

    In the particular hell of the trenches, soldiers sacrifice their lives
    to hold their posts against insurmountable odds; and as the French
    search for inspiration to counter the nihilistic policy of an
    implacable enemy, they find they already have a secret weapon —their
    own Angel of Song.

    About the Author
    Anne Rouen

    Anne Rouen is an award-winning historical fiction author from Australia, who is inspired by the opulent operatic age of 19th century France, the classic Belle Époque era and the dark times of the Great
    War. This passion was ignited from her own heritage, combined with a lifelong love of historical fiction writing, particularly those of a similar ilk to Georgette Heyer. This is where inspiration for the Master of Illusion series was born.

    Anne Rouen is the alter ego of Lynn Newberry: a country woman from the New South Wales New England region, who breeds Brangus cattle by day and is a dedicated, passionate horsewoman. The lady behind Anne Rouen has completed a specialist teaching degree in the Rural Sciences department of the University of New England, and has spent most of her life involved in the agricultural industry—twenty of them as an educator.

    Throughout her career, Lynn has escaped the everyday demands of work through the hand of Anne Rouen. Master of Illusion—Book One was her first published novel, and it, along with its sequel, Master of
    Illusion—Book Two, has been nominated in several award programs, most notably, the Global Ebook Awards where it won the Silver Medal for Modern Historical Literature Fiction in 2014.

    Lynn has also seen success with her short story writing, achieving a Highly Commended in the Rolf Boldrewood Literary Awards (2011) for The Scent of a Criminal.

    With a broad range of interests, Anne Rouen writes a regular blog
    (, where she chats about her firsthand
    experience beating breast cancer, her love of horses and other current
    issues that are close to her heart.

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