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  • Beyond Tragedies

    Beyond Tragedies

    Genre: Fiction
    “Look beyond the clouds, Rads, there’s sunshine…,” ~ Andy says to Rads when she’s lying in bed, in a cold and dark hospital room. She nods silently. "Looking beyond" has always been their shared motto.
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    About the Book

  • THE HOLIDAY ROMANCE: Andy wants to experience fanatical love. Radhika Christine does not like hyperbole. She wants to find Mr. Ordinary and share her life with him. When they meet, magic happens—they fall in love. While holidaying in Seychelles, this love attacks their heartstrings. They get completely overpowered by the feeling and in a matter of seven days, decide that they’re going to make a future together.

    MARRIAGE MESS-UP: The smug couple gets married and spends a happy year together. Gradually, however, dark clouds infest their world. Some abstract force, some unsaid differences begin to draw them apart and they confront the reality—the love that had dragged them to the altar has now altered a great deal. They separate.

    THE OTHER ‘SPECIAL SOMEONE’: Radhika goes back to her hometown, Boston, and takes up a reckless lifestyle. She also gets involved in a not-so-legit relationship with Ryan, who is engaged to an actress. Andy dates a painter, adopts a little girl and is apparently satisfied.

    So what lies beyond the clouds? Beyond the tragedy of their divorce? Will Andy find the same happiness in his relationship with Ness that he’d found initially with Radhika? Will Radhika remain a shadow in Ryan’s life or will he break his engagement for her sake? Will they see the sunshine or will there be more tragedies?

    About the Author
    Saradia Chatterjee

    Twenty-year-old literature student from India. Like to call myself a global citizen. Basically, I'm just an average featherless biped who likes to think out-of-the-box. Books are an integral part of my lifestyle. I write because it helps me express my views about the world and its inhabitants. I'm a human and animal rights activist promoting equality and justice.

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