Author: Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson Genre: ,

  • Crying Woman Bridge

    Crying Woman Bridge

    Genres: Mystery, Thriller
    ASIN: 1517355389
    Haunted bridge, crying woman, missing baby!
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    About the Book

  • While returning from Professor Dawson’s lecture on haunted places, the last thing Sheriff Jeff McQuede and Dawson expect to encounter is a terrified woman clinging to the railing of Mirabella’s Bridge, crying for her lost baby. It looks as if Rae Harris has thrown the infant over the bridge in a fit of despair, but she claims he has been stolen by a ghostly figure she calls Mirabella. Similar to the La Llorona legend Dawson just spoke about, Mirabella was a local pioneer woman who was rumored to have drowned her infant after being abandoned by a lover. At first McQuede believes Rae was driven by madness, but he soon finds evidence that her story may be true, and the perfectly timed kidnapping of her child may be in some way related to lecture attendee and local celebrity, Jim Royce, and his vast fortune.

    About the Author
    Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

    As sisters, both from Kansas, we enjoy co-authoring books, most of them mysteries. We share many interests, among them traveling, archaeology, and the legends of the Old West. Crying Woman Bridge, although complete in itself, is part of the High Country Mystery series. "

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