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  • Foundra: The Rift War (Foundra Series Book 1)

    Foundra: The Rift War (Foundra Series Book 1)

    Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
    ASIN: B014KD31BM
    Author Emmanuel M. Arriaga gives readers an adventure of epic proportion in his sci-fi space opera Foundra: The Rift War.
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    About the Book

  • Immortals Lanrete, a founder of the Huzien Empire he helped to build more than eighty thousand years ago, and Soahc, a Cihphist magic wielder, find themselves at the center of an apocalyptic war. An ancient being known only as Sagren is accidentally released from its prison after five-hundred-thousand-years of captivity. Now free, Sagren unleashes an army of horrid creatures on alliance citizens as war plunges the Twin Galaxies into chaos.

    Human engineer Neven, a new recruit, joins the effort but questions whether he’s up to the task.

    Not all members of the immortals team will survive. The gruesome battles will test the very humanity of Lanrete, Soahc, and their comrades. Each war has its hero, but heroes can’t do it alone—they need help.

    Inspired by fantasy authors like RA Salvatore, science fiction movies, and his childhood hobby of playing Dungeons and Dragons, Emmanuel M. Arriaga crafts a galactic story encompassing both adventure and romance. Multiple story lines combine into a powerhouse epic full of thrills and heartfelt relationships.

    About the Author
    Emmanuel M. Arriaga

    Emmanuel M. Arriaga is a Penn State grad and a tech guy by trade with a love for science and technology. He grew up reading from an early age which lead to a wild imagination and a love for all things Fantasy and Sci-Fi. He also enjoys the occasional video game, and takes care of a rabbit named Ezio Auditore with his wife Cynthia in Pennsylvania. Both he and his wife are active in their local church and both also make time to volunteer with United Way throughout the year. Emmanuel is the author of the novel Foundra: The Rift War, an Epic Sci-Fi Space Opera currently available for sale on Amazon.

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