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  • Hideous: A Monstrously Erotic Novella (Eve Cartwright Thrillers Book 1)

    Hideous: A Monstrously Erotic Novella (Eve Cartwright Thrillers Book 1)

    Genres: Erotica, Thriller
    ASIN: B00USJ444Q
    To obtain redemption, Eve must discover the truth. To warn the world, she must survive creatures both beautiful and hideous.
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    About the Book

  • Eve Cartwright is a renowned reporter with a tormented past. Paroled to the isolated town of Hollow Creek, her life is one level above hell. She has landed in a town without a heart, without a soul, without children. A town hiding a horrific secret.

    Eve lives a daily nightmare of savage locals and a sadistic Sheriff. Each night, dreams of Eve’s dead daughter come to her in a whiskey laden sleep. There is little to live for, until a local is savagely killed. Emile, the town’s newspaper man, dismisses Old Bob’s death as a drunk and a mountain lion. But, there’s something wrong, and Eve knows it. Threats and warnings, to leave the story alone, only heighten Eve’s suspicions.

    Then, the twins appear, Aaron and Thera. The perfect man, the perfect woman. Dark, mysterious, erotic. Their sexuality awakens Eve’s deepest desires and the townspeople’s greatest fears.

    When another local disappears and dark monsters hide in the night, Eve becomes the hunted. Something inhuman wants Eve. The Sheriff will never allow Eve to expose Hollow Creek’s macabre secret, while others struggle with gut wrenching guilt over the lost lives of the innocent.
    To obtain redemption, Eve must discover the truth. To warn the world, she must survive creatures both beautiful and hideous.

    About the Author
    Bret Paris

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bret Paris has often been described as a true Renaissance Man. He is a teacher, an inventor, a photographer, a businessman, an athlete and a writer. He was born into a distinctive family. His parents, an ultra conservative father and an equally liberal mother, instilled in him strong values and unorthodox thinking. Nothing seemed impossible with the right amount of work, driven by a never-ending passion for the task at hand. Bret's love of writing began in high school. His mother, an avant-garde publisher, hoping to broaden her athletic sons interests, surrounded them with artists, poets, actors and writers. The likes of James Kavanaugh and William Peter Blatty were never strangers in her home. An outstanding athlete, Bret was one of four athletes nationally to achieve All Conference honors in four sports. He was recognized in Who's Who in American High School Students. He was Southern California's representative to Boy's State and was honored as one of California's Best Young Photographers. He attended Claremont/McKenna College on an academic scholarship and was drafted by the San Francisco Giants. Whether playing baseball, running a business, or teaching golf as a PGA Professional, he has always pursued his greatest passion, writing. Bret has written a variety of screenplays: The Last Angry Man (based on the life of football legend Lyle Alzado), Shutter (a thriller drawn from his years as a photographer), Diamonds in the Rough, Bushmaster, The Dealer, and most recently, Hideous. He has just finished his first novel, Gabriel's Rule, a thriller in the style of Robert Ludlum. His latest screenplay, Ernest and Ore, (based on the true story of Ernest Hemingway and Ore Paris), has just been optioned by Americana Films. Bret's varied background is a reflection of his ceaseless desire to learn and experience, and to translate those experiences into story.

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