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  • New Friend – True Friend

    New Friend – True Friend

    Genre: Children's Books
    New friends don't have to be just like you. They can be black, white, red... or maybe even green.
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  • “New Friend – True Friend”, written for children age 3-8, teaches a lesson in trust, kindness, and hope while showing concern for others and how important a promise kept can be to a child. New friends need not be just like you. They can be black or white, red or yellow… or maybe even green! Friendships can develop quickly and unravel just as quickly. Follow Dominic Dragon and Jason as their friendship takes flight, quickly plummets, and soars again when Dominic keeps his promise

    About the Author
    Ruth Nott

    I am retired, living in Chiefland, FL and have found poetry to be a valued part of my life. My poetry reflects my faith and values and a deep love for God and family. My latest work is a children’s picture book titled “New Friend True Friend” and is available (in addition to my many books of poetry) on

    My work has been published in various anthologies, small press magazines, Poetry Canada magazine, The Quilter magazine, The Joy of Living Poetry Collection by Hazel Street Publications, Sea Oats Review, Mahogany and Molasses, Verse-a-tility, Anthologies of the Florida State Poets Assoc., Inc., Of Poets and Poetry, The Easterner, Family Matters (an anthology by several family members), various other newsletters, and several poetry websites, blogs, and groups as well as my own eleven books of poetry.

    I most often write rhyming poetry and have had to force myself to occasionally write those that do not rhyme just for the fun of the challenge. My poems are spiritual, or romantic, or amusing, or occasionally seem to beam in from some far alien universe.

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