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  • THE PHILADELPHIA CLAN Book 2 (Monarch of the Dead)

    THE PHILADELPHIA CLAN Book 2 (Monarch of the Dead)

    Genres: Erotica, Horror
    ASIN: B01GU37YJA
    Isaac Grant, Patricia Chow, and the rest of the Philly Clan are back to finish what they started; TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
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    About the Book

  • Isaac Grant, Patricia Chow, and the rest of the Philly Clan are back to finish what they started; TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
    In this spectacular, backstabbing, “no holds barred” grand finale to the Multiracial, Erotic Horror, “THE PHILADELPHIA CLAN” Ulysses Madopolous, returns to once again, wage war on the Philly Clan. After Patricia and Isaac successfully fought off the Greek monster’s attempts to reclaim his brood of Bloodsucking ghouls, the blue-eyed demon of Athens returns, now with the help of a vengeful, rogue Vampire Elder (with telekinetic powers). Meanwhile, suspected Mafia Hitman, Tony Palermo accelerates his campaign to slay every, single, Vampire on the planet, starting with the Philadelphia Clan!
    As the Clan weathers the bombardment of several, arch-enemies attacking at once, Queen Patricia must also deal with every female vampire in her clan plotting to steal her eternal mate. With new adversaries continually attacking, Isaac Grant, “The Chosen One” also finds himself caught up between his loyalty to his queen, his love for his hometown, and the love of his unborn child. His choices may very well destroy the clan from within, the city of Philadelphia, the entire, Vampire Dominion, and ultimately the whole world! When he enlists the help of Navy buddy, DICKERSON Cain, Isaac soon discovers that turning to the much stronger, mentally superior, DICKERSON, may have been his biggest mistake of all!

    About the Author
    Rekeaux Nyte

    After ten years of active duty in the United States Navy, I served at three, different sea commands, followed by an overseas tour of duty at the Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, Japan. Also, a decorated honorably discharged veteran and native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I now call Henderson, Nevada, my home.

    I consider myself a budding novelist of mostly contemporary, multiracial erotica, as well as paranormal erotic adventures, with a splash of dark humor. My other hobbies include writing short stories, poems, and songs, reading maps, dictionaries, and thesauruses.

    In addition to collecting swords, knives, battle axes, and spears, I love collecting antique books (16th to 18th century). I also enjoy caring for my school-age, children and watching a good movie with the wife. Oh, and by the way, when I'm not writing novels, I'm writing short stories at when I'm not writing short stories I'm at twitter;, PEACE!

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