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  • Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (Vigilante Annie Series): Book 2

    Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (Vigilante Annie Series): Book 2

    Genre: Fiction
    ASIN: B00R1G2MRA
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    About the Book

  • In this second of four parts Annie digs deeper, not only into the meaning of her personal life but into the evolving plot around her. Will she find her mother, will she meet her brother?

    Elisa turns out to be the kind of friend Annie needs, but on the other hand Marcus begins showing what he is really made of. Before Annie gets many of the answers she needs, chaos surrounds her, and she must find a way to cope with the present and recurring memories of her childhood.

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    About the Author
    Robert Kimbrell

    Born in Ohio in 1971, Robert was an unspoiled only child. All this free time, combined with loneliness, spawned a creative side in him that he is just now putting to good use. He considers Annie Scarlotte to be the first of several stories he must tell, therefore he does his best to prioritize his many interests which include reading and motorcycling.

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