Cecília Vizvári

Cecília began writing stories and tales when her children were born. As the number of her children grew, the number of tales increased as well. The children discovered that it was great fun to invent new stories and tales, thus her older kids write and illustrate tales. Cecília’s smaller children only test stories. Since their name is Watercastle in English, they publish their tales under the name Watercastle Tale Works. The parents live with their five kids in Hungary.

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TW: @mesegyar
FB: WatercstleTaleWorks
IG: watercastletaleworks
Goodreads: Cecília Vizvári
YouTube: Watercastle Tale Works

The Haughty Teapot (Kitchen Tales Book 1)

The Haughty Teapot (Kitchen Tales Book 1)

From the first part of the kitchen tales you learn how the most conceited teapot becomes the nicest and friendliest teapot in the world.

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