Cedrice L. Williams

In a small town called Damascus Georgia, Bobbie and Walter Williams brought forth Cedrice Lamorris Williams. Cedrice L. Williams was blessed to have two sisters and six brothers. Cedrice went to Early County High School where he graduated in 1985. Cedrice later married the beautiful Shirley Williams on March 25, 1995.

Cedrice later moved to Tallahassee, Florida for one year, and now resides in Atlanta Georgia. Moving to Atlanta was a great decision because here is where he started searching within to create his first book, “Emotions Within”.

“In 2007, I started doing something I had no idea of, and that was writing about how I felt about life. I started writing all my thoughts and feelings about all the people I love. As I was writing my emotions down on paper, I would never let any of my feelings out to the public. I took the advice of a friend, who told me to put all my poems in a book, and that’s just what I did, and now you are reading, “Emotions Within”. Thanks!”

Emotions Within

Emotions Within

Emotions of the heart letting the people you love and care about know how you really feel inside. This book is filled with different poems that will help you say, “I Love You”.

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