Consualo Williams

Consualo Williams is an American writer who, since childhood, has aspired to become an author. Fascinated by horror and the supernatural, her favorite writers include Christine Feehan and Stephen King. She particularly enjoys movies and books whose plots involve characters being stalked or trapped by wicked entities and then engineering their own escape. Inspired by her own inner experiences, Demon of Chaos is her first publication, Book 1 of the forthcoming series, “Chronicles of Retribution.” Williams currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Demon of Chaos (Chronicles of Retribution Book 1)

The Demon of Chaos (Chronicles of Retribution Book 1)

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Bound together by fate and relentlessly pursued by the undying spirit, these chosen six must find a way to overcome evil, lest they be devoured—blood, body, and soul.

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