BUILD A HAPPIER VERSION OF YOURSELF: 7 Powerful Hack’s of Mastering Your Inner Happiness. Learn to Practice Simple Yet Effective Habits for Happiness in … Life & Relationships (Mind Shift Book 1)

BUILD A HAPPIER VERSION OF YOURSELF: 7 Powerful Hack’s of Mastering Your Inner Happiness. Learn to Practice Simple Yet Effective Habits for Happiness in … Life & Relationships (Mind Shift Book 1)
Genres: Business, Self-Help, Self-Improvement

Happiness is a Choice You Make. Learn How to build a Happier Mind to be happy.

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Do you feel stressed and anxious when despite your best efforts; things don’t turn out the way you expected? or
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused why happiness doesn’t last long even if you achieve some of your goals?
For most people a generating happiness remains a challenge for as long as a lifetime, because they look for happiness at wrong places.
They base their happiness solely on material things like money, possessions or other people. They think rich people are happier or their happiness depends on events like New Year or celebrations solely. But that’s a big happiness myth.
Do you want to explore how happiness happens really?
In fact happiness starts with you – when you make a choice to become happier.
Learn the shocking truth and Art of happiness, Master Powerful Habits and Invite a State of Unconditional Happiness.

BUILD A HAPPIER VERSION OF YOURSELF is a less theatrical and offers a lot of practical ways to be happier. It will enrich your rational brain with psychological and thought process based on decades of happiness research, and alongside tell you about how of happiness through daily effective habits to invite joy in your personal life, work life and relationships.
Deep inside the Happiest Brain, Learn How Happiness Works and Take Charge of Your Happiness
•Why happiness is the way to a stress-free, healthier, productive and successful life.
•Most common reasons people are unhappy today and what to do about it.
•Learn how you are already 100% happy or in top 5% (or maybe 1%) of the world’s population, and how to be instantly happy.
•Assess your level of happiness currently, and how you fared so far in your life through simple routine practices
Understand the Happiness, Learn how different human Needs Drive Happiness through Different Behavior
•How both ‘hedonic’ (pleasure), and ‘eudemonic’ (a life of meaning) aspects of happiness contribute together a life of ultimate joy and fulfillment.
•Learn 7 key aspects to generate lasting happiness for life.
•Learn 3 different theories of human needs that drive your behavior and action to enhance the level of your happiness.
Learn the Techniques to generate Happiness Mind Map and Become Happier Instantly
•Know about TFAR that generate happiness in your brain.
•How you can generate a daily happiness DOSE of your higher self mind by following simple practices.
Daily 30 Minutes Routine to Take Control of Your personal Happiness. Simple Habits for Happiness at Work and with Family and Friends.
•You don’t need any happy brain supplements; rather you need the habits of a happy brain which is already inside you.
•Learn 7 happiness hacks to make yourself happier in your personal life.
•Learn how to be happier in relationship and at work with a dozen habits.
•Learn how to be happier in life unconditionally with these pillars of unconditional happiness.
•Define your happiness goal clearly and achieve it with joy, smile and peace in mind.
Dalai Lama once rightly said:
“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”
Let me say that; you don’t “find” true happiness; you “connect” to it.
You deserve a most joyful life, if you know how to experience it and take the right actions.
Go Ahead and A Make Choice to Become Happier by Clicking on the Buy Button on the Top of this page. Do it right now because happiness present in the now moment. Yesterday & Tomorrow are the illusion and imagination of your mind. So chose to be happy right now with reading this book.

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