Night Terrors Vol. 10: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Night Terrors Vol. 10: Short Horror Stories Anthology
Genres: Horror, Suspense, Thriller

Get ready for a vacation straight out of your nightmares…
A cabin in the woods hides a deadly secret from a pair of criminals on the run. Play time takes a demonic turn when a child discovers a hellish portal in the snow-covered playground. And a satanic cult turns a family vacation into a living nightmare…

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Take a trip into the netherworld with Scare Street’s latest collection of diabolical horror. Fourteen terrifying tales lurk within this new volume—more than enough to keep you occupied as you voyage deep into the shadows.

But before you set off on your journey, make sure you’ve packed the essentials. Flashlight? Check. Salt? Check. Iron? Check. You never know what awaits as you travel the back roads at night.

But one thing is certain: the spirits are eager for you to arrive at your final destination.

And they’re all just dying to meet you…

This volume features the following short stories:
1. Heisters’ Haunt by Peter Cronsberry
2. The Thing That Lives in the Playground by Jackson Robinson
3. Pathétique by Drew Starling
4. The Glowering Pines by Stephen Thorn
5. The Form Outside the Window by Radar DeBoard
6. Brillante and the Terror of the Mound by Scott Harper
7. Arrival by Barbara Herrera
8. Jacob and His Piano Teacher by Yoli Ramazzina
9. As the Crow Flies by Krystal Lawrence
10. Mr. Stitcher by Sadie Gibson
11. The Dark by Peter Glassborow
12. 121 Ash Street by John Gallant
13. Daddy’s Brave Little Soldier by Wade Hunter
14. Books and Broken Glass by Ron Ripley

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