Noah’s Rise: Bad Boy Military Romance (A Billionaire Romance Book 3)

Noah’s Rise: Bad Boy Military Romance (A Billionaire Romance Book 3)
Genres: Romance, Suspense, Thriller
ASIN: B0163863XU

Stand Alone Novel - A Bad Boy Military Crime and Suspense Tale Set In the Civilian World
50 Shades of Grey Meets Kill Bill in M.P. Lodi’s Noah's Rise.

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About the Book

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Noah and Emily couldn’t be more different. She grew up poor, and he grew up in the world of the wealthy. Wanting something more out of life but worrying she will never get the kind of man she always dreamed of, Emily falls for a bad boy who is a former M.P. that served in Afghanistan. He is best friends with Emily’s best friend’s new husband, a billionaire who is known worldwide. Noah grew up as the pampered heir to his father’s fortune, but as a patriot he served his country. In Afghanistan, he hand-picked a unit filled with people who would do anything to protect and defend freedom, despite the rules of engagement that put all military men and women’s lives at risk. To keep his friends safe after tragedy strikes, Noah and his unit make war on organized crime, with national shattering results. Called ‘Noah Hood’ by the media, he and his men fight the mob and do what they deem as needed. They rob from the wealthy drug dealers and mobsters and give millions to the poor. Their reputation grows daily as the F.B.I. and other law-enforcement agencies are on the hunt to catch them.

As Noah and Emily’s romance hangs in the balance, Emily’s love for Noah comes into question while they’re on the run. Can steamy fantasy-filled sex hold them together while surrounded by chaos? Will Emily be able to live a life on the run as Noah’s fame, coupled with the fanatical loyalty of his men sets them all on a collision course with destiny? Noah’s Rise – Bad Boy Military Romance is a stand-alone novel, but also part of the Billionaire Romance series by M.P. Lodi.

Get Your Copy of Noah’s Rise Today to See Just How Hot Things Get Between Noah and Emily as Noah moves to change the fabric of American society.

This novel is for ages 18+ ONLY and contains fantasy exploration, language and other content that is unsuitable to minors.

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About the Author
M.P. Lodi

When not writing she is reading, playing with her three cats, is addicted to coffee, never wants to get up in the morning and hits the snooze multiple times. She is also addicted to cookie dough and can't understand why people actually bake it. As Smeagol from Lord of the Rings might say, "You're ruining it."
Her books are written for women and men who want an easy way to introduce fantasy exploration into their lives. She hopes that you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoyed writing them for you. M.P. lives in Miami and is originally from New York City.
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