Our Curious World of Mirror Images

Our Curious World of Mirror Images
Genres: Metaphysical, Mysticism, Non-Fiction, Religion & Spirituality
ASIN: 145258477X
ISBN: 9781452584782

Introducing a new holistic paradigm that provides a clear new pair of lens - for the mind.

About the Book

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Introducing a new holistic paradigm that provides a clear new pair of lens – for the mind. This new concept depolarizes our perceptions on reality by reconciling the ancient and deeply compelling paradox known as dualism. As it unravels the greatest mystery of our existential lives, that great enigma that in spirituality led us from “all good”, to good & evil; and in science, leads to two laws that we cannot reconcile. However, with this new pair of depolarizing lens, we are able to conceive something quite remarkable, space, time and how existing things are formed in it. This book is very relevant because it is antidote to the social and political ills of our societies.

The polarization inherent in our present paradigm creates social diseases such as sexism, racism, wars, and the myriad forms of hate we tend to indulge in. We daily confront the ravages of political neglect that we are forced to bear, as we try to cope with these corrupted ways of being. The benefit of this new holistic paradigm is that it provides a logical, science-based understanding that is so obvious and universal, we are essentially oblivious to it; and, it resolves the greatest paradoxes we face as spiritual beings in a materialistic world. This book promotes well-being for the soul in the evolution of the mind. • Reveals the origin of the invisible field we call Space(Time) • Explains how existing things emerge and form into being • Sheds whole new light on the meaning of GOD • Reconciles the divides between Eastern and Western traditions in religion, science, and philosophy • Bridges Dualism (Separation & Polarization) • Self Actualization Meditations (“I AM ‘Mind’, I AM ‘Consciousness’”)

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About the Author
Titus Joseph

Titus Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in religious studies and a Master’s degree in counseling. Mr. Joseph has worked throughout his life as a counselor and at present, he develops group homes for individuals with disabilities.  The inspiration for these books occurred in the mid-1980's; when inspired, the author researched, and educated himself these many years to present these new ideas intelligently. Titus identifies most as a philosopher - which is to say - a lover of wisdom. It’s the love of wisdom that motivates him and you will find out why as you read, Our Curious World of Mirror Images—which grounds the metaphysical concepts with empiricism, then read, I AM 'Mind,' I AM 'Consciousness'—which takes these profound yet empirically grounded metaphysical claims back to their spiritual origins.

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