The Root of Money

The Root of Money
Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Money laundering, bank corruption and a plot against the United States ... will Tecumseh Carrier's warnings be heard in time?

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About the Book

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Computer programmer and network security specialist, Tecumseh ‘Tek’ Carrier has been delving into matters he has been told do not concern him. Following abandonment by his family, Tek isolates himself in his son’s bedroom to spend long nights breaching his bank’s computer network, compiling money laundering information gathered from their database; enough information, he hopes, to make a difference before it is too late.

From his estate in Lyons, France, Ahmed Al-Malmasi enjoys the finest vintages of the region and immersing himself in the history and culture of people he detests. Utilizing his great wealth, Al-Malmasi has launched a plot extending from Southeast Asia and the Spanish Riviera to the golden shores of the United States. While Al-Malmasi’s agents hasten to complete their mission, Tek battles bank corruption while struggling to reconnect with his son. Instigated by Tek’s revelation, American law enforcement race to identify the threat and prevent an explosive disaster materializing in the path of Tek and his family.

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About the Author
Barry Zabell

By the age of forty-seven, Barry Zabell understood that his prospect of pitching for the New York Yankees had dwindled away. Having invested significant amounts of discretionary formative time playing baseball with his brother and friends around the Inwood section of upper Manhattan, the surrender of his childhood dream (fanciful or otherwise) was difficult for Barry to accept. Fortunately, throughout the decades of a successful career in Manhattan’s financial industry, Barry retained the urge to write, a passion he embraced fully upon retiring.

Barry Zabell is the author of numerous short stories, including Backward Walking and Solitaire. The Root of Money is his first pitch at a full length novel.

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