Time: A Wayfarers Story

Time: A Wayfarers Story
Genres: Christian Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

It's edgy, it's gritty, and you could say it is what we see in America and the world in non-fictional real time. Come join Sarah Marsden on her journey to the safehouse as the Wayfarers series continues. Will she even make it?

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About the Book

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Sarah Marsden is an app-not, which means she has refused to be vax-apped with the shot and the Abundant Life Implant. After her house is destroyed, she is forced to venture westward through the snow along the old Erie Canal Towpath to find shelter and safety. She desires to catch up with three friends out ahead of her, but she must avoid the invasive, biometric surveillance that tracks her by her heartbeat. And she must hope that she has not been stricken with the Vapor.

The red, white, and blue has surrendered its sovereignty to the RYBB, which is the red, yellow, blue, and black of the ALL World Order. The young man who heads the area’s RYBB surveillance is obsessed with Sarah, but will she be able to stay out of his reach? She has another man on her mind, but will she be able to make a connection with him?

A peace treaty between Israel and her Arab enemies is about to be signed. The Anti-Christ is about to be revealed, but will Jesus return for His bride first? The clock is ticking against Sarah as she journeys to the safehouse, and she hopes she’ll have enough time, cigarettes, and ammo to make it there. It’s the End of Days, and it is not the time to be alone in winter’s fierce elements out on the old path.

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About the Author
Jim Yackel

Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-Rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. "Eyes Pried Open" released in October 2014 is his latest book and is the sequel to the End Times suspense/thriller "The Sleepwalkers" released earlier that year. The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction "The Wayfarers Complete Collection" encompasses the three original books of the Wayfarers Trilogy and was released in October of 2013. The intriguing Christian/End-Times fiction book "Dead-Ringer" rounds out his current bibliography and came in April of 2013.

He and his wife Roberta Lynn reside in upstate New York.

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