Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (Vigilante Annie Series): Book One

Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (Vigilante Annie Series): Book One
Genre: Fiction

Ever have the thirst for blood? Ever have the need to kill another? Annie Scarlotte has the thirst for blood and she must kill to get it.
Annie is a middle-aged woman whose life is fairly normal. She has a sexy boyfriend, a passive income and her own house. But a serious illness strikes her from out of the blue. What she does and what she learns leads her down a very dark path. Readers will be drawn into and enjoy the adventurous vigilante path she chooses.
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Until an illness strikes Annie, all is fairly normal. With her handsome boyfriend Marcus, she seeks an answer to what ails her, and she finds that answer. She learns that she will eventually die unless she can come to grips with what is her only option: drink fresh human blood.

Quickly, she adapts, and feeds on killers, rapists, politicians and the like-all while savoring the blood that keeps her alive. But who seeks to use her for their own purposes? What are her friends up to? And can she figure out who is threatening her and why? This is not your typical vampire story. Click now to follow Annie as she struggles to survive by seeking revenge on evildoers… she will do what you cannot!

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About the Author
Robert Kimbrell

Born in Ohio in 1971, Robert was an unspoiled only child. All this free time, combined with loneliness, spawned a creative side in him that he is just now putting to good use. He considers Annie Scarlotte to be the first of several stories he must tell, therefore he does his best to prioritize his many interests which include reading and motorcycling.

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