Winning Success with Assertive Marketing

Winning Success with Assertive Marketing
Genres: Business, Non-Fiction

"Winning Success with Assertive Marketing", is a Tool-Box for Small Business

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About the Book

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“Winning Success with Assertive Marketing”, is a Tool-Box for Small Business.It highkights the necessary Research and Development for building professional Business Plans and Marketing Plans with extensive Management strategies and tactics to fullfil the stated goals and succesful objectives of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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About the Author
Warren A. Shuman

Warren is a business seminar presenter, and owns a small press: Frugal Marketer Publishing, writing, producing and marketing books for Small Business. "Winning Success with Assertive Marketing" is available as an E-Book on Amazon Kindles. It is a sequel to "How to Market Your Business in the 90's".

Florida International University's Small Business Development Center awarded Warren a "Thanks for your service" plaque. He has taught bilingual marketing courses for Small Business and Spanish Language medical classes to doctors and nurses.

His short stories are published in the Denver Post, Snake Nation Review and literary magazines. He has written feature length screenplays: "The Picasso MacGuffin", "Brotherhood of Assassins", "The Newborn Nexus", "Body Scavengers", are adapted to e-novels for Amazon e-book publication in 2015. "The Picasso MacGoffin" will be released in 2016.
Warren pioneered Spanish Language radio and Television in the USA with radio and TV stations He was Station Manager of Ch. 23, Miami, a failing English Language station. He reprogrammed the Station into Spanish Language, which is now one of the most profitable in the U.S.

As General Manager, Ch. 18, Puerto Rico, he produced the island's first live telecasts of championship middle-weight boxing matches, live musicals, cooking shows, newscasts and public affairs programs.

He created, produced, and hosted, a series of thirteen 1/2 hours of the bilingual syndicated television series, "Mind Your Own Business."

He served as Director of Advertising and Promotions with the Sheraton Corporation's Latin American & Caribbean Division for 12 hotels in 9 countries.

Warren produced and directed a documentary on-site for the Colombian banana industry with multiple language tracks for world-wide distribution.

He has a B.S. in Journalism with a major in Linguistics. He is a member of the International Screenwriters Association. He is a Public Arbitrator with the NASD's Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

He lives in North Miami Beach, Florida

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