Ashlie Harris

Ashlie Harris is 30 years old and a Stay-at-Home mother of four
homeschooled children. She and her husband live in the heart of the
Midwest, USA, in a place Ashlie likes to call, “The Land of Corn and
Beans”. She has lived there all her life but may plan to move North in
the near future. A unique childhood and a passion for the written word
have served as motivation and inspiration throughout the years. Always
the writer, Ashlie can often be found asking inappropriate questions,
staring at seemingly nothing for hours on end, and generally being
completely socially awkward. Her biggest wish is for people to look
past their differences and start treating each other as the one,
single race we are- HUMAN.

In addition to The Witches of Andar series (Book 1- Released Jan. 1st,
2018.), Ashlie is also the author of one anthology, Extra Life, and
one VERY short story, Midnight Monster- both of which are available,
here, on Amazon/Kindle!

You can find more of Ashlie Harris’ works on Wattpad at
and by Liking her Facebook page

The Witches of Andar

The Witches of Andar

A trio of An-Kishar witches has unwittingly become involved in a royal coup.

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