Bruce Benzel

Bruce Benzel is an acclaimed Writer, Poet, Lyricist, Life Commentator, and LGBT Advocate. And while although most novelists prefer to work in a single genre (romance or horror, for example), Bruce prefers to simply tell stores; where they end up being categorized is a decision that can only be finalized upon each book’s completion.

Simply put, Bruce says: “For me, it’s never the type of story, but the idea … and sometimes that comes in the form of a plot, or a character name, or merely an opening sentence. I never know what each book will truly be about, until I get into it. But once I do, my characters become very real to me, and often take me on a roller coaster ride of an adventure–and that’s just how I like it. I want to be as surprised as my readers.”

Currently, Bruce is at work on his second novel for Amazon, an exciting, fast-paced, compelling mystery entitled, The Plaza Murders. Watch for updates on it here, as well as on Twitter. Follow Bruce there @AuthorBBenzel.

An excerpt from The Plaza Murders, just to tempt you…


The south parking lot was almost empty; only three or four cars remained. The moonlit night, affecting her as always, gave her cause to once again quicken her pace. Why did she go through this every night? Why was she always so frightened that she would not make it to her car?

If only the night security guard had come by to escort her out as he had promised. If only the parking lot had not been so damned congested when she’d gotten to work–that way she never would have had to park so far out.

Only a bit further; her dilapidated Honda appeared almost redeemable in the bright moonlight–you couldn’t even see the large scratch in the door where someone in the lot had sideswiped it just last week. Of course, her luck, the one day the lot security cameras were down.

She wondered if they were operational again. Were they working now, could they see her, hurrying the last few feet to her car? Her heels clicked faster against the blacktop, the sound literally seeming to echo eerily in the stillness…

Or, was there someone else? Following her?

Keys in hand as she reached the door, her heart stopped when she felt a sudden touch on her shoulder. “Oh, thank God it’s you,” she said, relieved, spinning around to confront the familiar face. “You almost scared me to death.”

The black gloved hand came up and took her by surprise.

Her death was exactly where this was going…

To View The Valley (The Lune Du Lac Chronicles Book 1)

To View The Valley (The Lune Du Lac Chronicles Book 1)

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