Germany Kent

Germany Kent, also known as THE HOPE GURU™, is an internationally known social media figure, and an inspirational guru on optimism, branding, and self-empowerment, outlining what people need to do to thrive in the global market. She is a foremost expert on positive thinking strategies and personal growth. An accomplished motivational speaker, successful commercial actress, and life coach, she is ranked as one of the top social media influencers in North America.

As an experienced personal growth coach, Germany blends her professional expertise in the fields of human resources, higher education, entertainment, learning and development, and personality assessment. Throughout her career, she has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create a more purposeful life.

Germany is a seasoned businesswoman with a background in training, wisdom, the know-how, and unique abilities to connect and inspire others. Her unique skill set, including being intuitive about personality types, has helped transform the lives of many to a greater level of fulfillment.

Germany has over twenty years of relevant experience, working within public and private sectors. She is an award-winning former college Administrator and former corporate Executive, who happens to be a popular media personality. Today she draws on that experience to help equip individuals to develop their niche and she helps companies build effective teams. She has a track record of building morale levels in organizations. Germany is a master at helping people to find their passion and purpose. She is a natural leader who can influence transformation to maximize effectiveness.

Germany is an avid traveler and beach lover. Her love for the great outdoors is what helps her to maintain serenity and peace. She has traveled throughout the US training clients and continuing her own education. Germany earned a Masters degree from The University of Alabama and received her Bachelors degree from Mississippi State University.

The Mississippi native has lived in eight states, including Florida, Arizona, and Texas. One interesting thing about Germany is she completed internships at The Grand Canyon, and Walt Disney World Resort. Through her influence on social media, Germany’s message of hope and inspiration spans countries such as Australia, Europe, Africa, and she maintains connections with a broad audience reaching followers ranging from Canada to Hawaii.

Growing up, Germany spent most of her summers in New York. Germany believes, “People need hope and inspiration wherever you go!”

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THE HOPE HANDBOOK: The Search for Personal Growth

THE HOPE HANDBOOK: The Search for Personal Growth

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