J.J. Egosi

I was always the creative sort. At least I tried to be. Growing up, I’d often be seen playing an instrument, usually the drums. Or practicing some sort of art, typically macrame. But one outlet I only recently explored was story telling.

Demonheart began with a very bleak and surreal dream I had 5 years ago. A man lost his organs and had to scour the medieval world in search of them. All with the help of one friend. After reworking the themes a bit to make them more sensical and less disturbing, the idea for my first book was born. And I’ve been writing seriously ever since.

Demonheart: Book 2: Walkers From Another Dimension

Demonheart: Book 2: Walkers From Another Dimension

Michael may be a powerful dreamer, but nothing prepared him for an encounter with the demon king, himself.

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