Dream Betrayal

Dream Betrayal
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Thriller
5.0 out of 5 stars
The twists are what make the (page) turns that much more the exciting!
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About the Book

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(Note: Complete book only $0.99) Linc lives a low-key life, a pleasant change of pace from his last job of working as a remote viewer for the federal government. He owns a bookstore and even teaches the occasional psychic class. Someone mysterious is out to get him. Tormenting him to the point he wants to commit suicide. His last wife believes he was involved with a murder of a cop. Since she’s an attorney she is doing everything in her power to get him. Luckily for Linc a young police woman is investigating the case and will help clear his name. She risks her life to do it but is determined to find the truth. This book is fiction and inspired by true events. Based in part on Al Collier’s life. (NOTE: Contains some sexual scenes.)

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About the Author
K. C. & AL Collier

Karen and Al Collier are a unique writing team. Al experiences severe epileptic seizures and ‘blackouts.’ During these blackouts he sees visions or mental movies, which he later describes to Karen, who then helps him convert these stories into novels. Al’s seizures cause dyslexia and other reading problems as well as writing difficulties. Karen translates and weaves his ramblings into a magical tale.
Prior to the onset of the seizures, Al worked in both print and broadcast journalism as well as being a paranormal investigator.
Karen and Al share a love of history, especially of the ancient Americans, and genealogy. For more information about them visit the web sites: For more information about Al's seizures visit: Epilepsy.com.

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