Mary-Ellen O’Keefe’s Word-Speaking Diet

Mary-Ellen O’Keefe’s Word-Speaking Diet
Genre: Children's Books
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Mary-Ellen O’Keefe is a smart and happy little girl who loves to talk, sing, ask questions, and generally speak her mind. That is, until her first day of school where the unfamiliarity of a new and different environment makes her nervous and shy and causes her to go on an unexpected and very unusual “Word-Speaking Diet”.

“This is strange! It’s not normal! Mary-Ellen’s never quiet!
It was like she was on some sort of Word-Speaking Diet!”

Unfortunately, Mary-Ellen’s sudden bashfulness at school prevents her new teacher and classmates from getting to know what a great little kid Mary-Ellen really is.

“You see, she wanted to say all the things she could do,
But it felt like her mouth was stuck shut with some glue!”

This “shy-acting act” goes on for weeks and eventually, after a gentle pep-talk from Mom about the importance of speaking up, it’s up to Mary-Ellen to decide if she’ll be able to muster the courage and the confidence to once and for all end her “Word-Speaking Diet” and finally let her schoolmates hear her amazing voice.

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