Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the Supernatural

Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the Supernatural
Genres: Ghosts and Hauntings, Suspense, Thriller

In the quaint coastal town of Garibaldi, where whispers of the supernatural linger in the salty air, a mysterious force shrouds the community in an enigmatic veil. "Mists of Garibaldi" is a gripping tale that seamlessly blends suspense with a touch of the mystical, beckoning readers into a world where reality and the unknown collide.

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In a quaint coastal town, lives hang in the balance amid the ominous combination of murder and magic. “Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the Supernatural” weaves a chilling narrative that immerses you in the mystical as it sweeps across the bay.

Zoey, a photojournalist, embarks on a mysterious journey, tracing clues in her photographs that lead her to the seaside town of Garibaldi, Oregon. Choosing a room in a century-old bed and breakfast, she soon discovers that her fellow lodgers are otherworldly beings.

However, Zoey’s story is just one of the peculiar happenings in this close-knit community. Lizzy acquires an ancient cursed paintbrush from Abigail’s thrift store, unwittingly becoming possessed by an malevolent spirit. Abigail, on the other hand, accidentally awakens a dormant dragon, unleashing chaos upon the town.

Aiden stumbles upon a ghostly town, where spectral inhabitants seek to assimilate him into their eerie existence. From murder mysteries to dark magic, peril lurks in the shadows and along the shores of “Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the Supernatural.” If you revel in mystery, a hint of romance, and a touch of the supernatural, these haunting tales are sure to captivate you.

Secure the fate of the small community’s residents by delving into the gripping world of “Mists of Garibaldi.”


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