Surviving Riyadh

Surviving Riyadh
Genre: Non-Fiction

A fast-paced, enlightening read that provides a rare and personal insight into life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ms. Apostal writes with a clear and graphic style that makes the reader feel on the scene, experiencing what she experienced while in Riyadh.

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About the Book

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My book describes the persistence of an employer to hire me, meeting him in person in Anaheim, California during a scientific convention at his request. I turned down his job offer three times, and finally he decided to negotiate the conditions where I was willing to accept his job offer. It took over a year to finally arrive in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

For women enjoying their freedom:

Lesson:Ladies, don’t take your freedom for granted.

Imagine not being able to drive.
Imagine not being able to travel by yourself.
Imagine being chaperoned with your date.
Imagine being harassed for not covering your hair in public places.
Imagine in not being able to show your body, your dress in public places.
Imagine only wearing a black gown in public places.
Imagine being segregated from men when dining in a restaurant.
Imagine being prohibited in entering a dining facility exclusively for men.
Imagine not being able to practice your religion.
Imagine being restricted to celebrate Christmas.
Imagine not being able to voice your opinion about work projects with your male co-workers.
Imagine your supervisor using your work in his presentation without being acknowledged.
Imagine males at your workplace conniving to give you a hard time because you argued with your male co-worker.
Imagine changing your way of life to conform to the country’s culture.
Imagine losing your self-confidence and self-esteem because of exposure to these environment.
Imagine not being able to leave the country as you please because your employer keep your passport.
and much more…
Such was my life as an expat woman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the reason behind the title of my Ebook “Surviving Riyadh”.

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About the Author
Alma B. Apostol

About the Author:

* Alma B. Apostol originally came from the Philippines.

* She arrived in the USA in 1974 as a Professional with a B. S. Chemical Engineering Degree.

* She became a Naturalized American Citizen in 1980.

• Alma B. Apostol was a dynamic Chemist, a Scientist, an Inventor, and a Medical and Clinical Researcher.

• She co-authored several scientific research articles published in Scientific Journals from 1978 to 2003.

• A published Author of an eBook (Surviving Riyadh), to be revised.

• A speaker and a writer. She writes articles of various subjects.

• Alma shares her mission, a healthy and unified world through her research, writings and speech engagements.

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