The Wee-Jees: A Ghost Story Based on True Events (True Paranormal Experiences and Evidence)

The Wee-Jees: A Ghost Story Based on True Events (True Paranormal Experiences and Evidence)
Genres: Ghosts and Hauntings, Horror, Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller

A group of kids, unwisely following a message they receive from a spirit board, trek deep into a haunted forest for what they expect will be a fun adventure. Instead, they end up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with something otherworldly. Based on actual events, this is a first-hand account of what happened.

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Thanks to his father’s military career, Craig is familiar with moving, and he’s absolutely sick of it. Traveling from place to place, base to base, friendships are sometimes short-lived. At his newest home, he struggles to relax into the new rhythm of not only a new school but an entirely different country. There are many things that he loves about Germany: his new friends, the playground in his housing area, cookouts at the VFW, and the attention of Stephanie, the most beautiful girl in class. But there’s something else.

Strange things begin happening to Craig. His night terrors grow worse and more vivid than ever before, and sometimes, he’s overtaken by the powerful feeling that something unseen is watching him from the darkest corners of his home, something that his parents never seem to notice. Worse than that is the forest across from his building, where he has seen bright yellow eyes and heard hair-raising, inhuman screams. Frightened as Craig is, he’s always loved a good mystery, and part of him wants to know more. His new friends, it turns out, want to know more as well.

So begins an adventure the likes of which none of them have experienced before…and never will again. Joined by his friends and his crush, Craig discovers that dark secrets lie within the forest once ravaged by the bombs of war. The things they see should be impossible, but there’s no way to deny what you see with your own eyes. As sinister forces draw Craig and his friends deeper into the forest, it becomes clear that the danger they are in is very real. Peril and terror await them within the trees, and the bonds of their friendship will be tested.

All military brats are used to moving, but if Craig and his friends aren’t careful, this could be their last stop.


If you are a fan of ghost stories, or if you are simply looking for a good scare, then you will definitely want to read The Wee-Jees: A Ghost Story Based on True Events.

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