Fire: A Wayfarers Story (The Wayfarers Stories Book 6)

Fire: A Wayfarers Story (The Wayfarers Stories Book 6)
Genres: Christian Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Will this cast of wayfarers survive the spiritual and natural warfare they are subjected to? Will loving relationships be born in the midst of the fire? Time is running out, so read this exciting conclusion to the Wayfarers Stories.

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In the midst of an apocalyptic scenario where America has crumbled and fire ravages the land, a significant portion of the destruction is attributed to both natural and supernatural causes that cannot be extinguished using conventional methods.

Join a diverse group of characters as they navigate the perilous environment, striving to find safety and stability amidst the chaos. These individuals, who adhere to the Christian faith, grapple with various temptations and the influence of an Artificial Intelligence entity named Z, which harbors demonic traits and aspires to embody Satan. Z utilizes advanced biometric surveillance to monitor humans through their heartbeats, uncovering their innermost secrets.

Will this group of travelers endure the spiritual and physical battles they face? Could meaningful connections blossom amid the turmoil? With time running short, discover the thrilling conclusion to the Wayfarers Stories.

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About the Author
Jim Yackel

Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-Rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. "Eyes Pried Open" released in October 2014 is his latest book and is the sequel to the End Times suspense/thriller "The Sleepwalkers" released earlier that year. The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction "The Wayfarers Complete Collection" encompasses the three original books of the Wayfarers Trilogy and was released in October of 2013. The intriguing Christian/End-Times fiction book "Dead-Ringer" rounds out his current bibliography and came in April of 2013.

He and his wife Roberta Lynn reside in upstate New York.

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