They Don’t Have to See You: Be a Better Remote Manager and Build Trust with Your Employees

They Don’t Have to See You: Be a Better Remote Manager and Build Trust with Your Employees
Genres: Business, Personal Growth, Self-Improvement
ASIN: B0B987545B

Be a manager for the new age and energize the remote ecosystem by applying these effective managerial strategies.

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About the Book

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The 2020 pandemic changed the world and redefined the way business is done across the globe.

While it brought a wave of new opportunities, it brought some challenges too – especially for those wearing the managerial shoes.

In the US, a staggering 72% of managers currently supervising remote workers want to revert to the traditional way of managing their subordinates –by going back to the office.

However, the vast majority of workers prefer a more flexible work arrangement, and studies clearly show that the “new normal” of remote work is here to stay.

If you want to remain relevant as a manager in the “new normal”, you’ll need to make some adjustments, not just with how you work, but also how you manage your team.

This managerial guidebook will give you the knowledge and ability to lead your team effectively in the age of remote work. Here is just a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to create and maintain a healthy remote work ecosystem
  • Powerful tips on remotely hiring top talent for your organization – including a list of top places to look for the best talent
  • An inventory of effective and helpful tips for managers to handle employee burnout and nurture mental wellbeing
  • The remote work multiverse – learn the nitty-gritty of the remote work culture and find out how to manage your remote team effectively like a pro
  • How managers can promote healthy communication in the remote workspace – including a list of recommended tools for instant communication
  • Virtual meeting guide 101 –from the basic etiquette of running online meetings to encouraging enthusiastic participation, there’s advice for everything!

Times have changed and so should you. The new era of remote work is here. Keep up with it… or get left behind.

Get ready to embrace the remote working model while improving your team’s performance, wellbeing, and cooperation.

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About the Author
Hollis Avery

Hollis Avery has been a business manager in about every setting you can imagine: Corporate and Not-for-Profit, as well as his own organizations. He found the management of remote employees to be different than anything he had experienced before and decided to add author to his resume. Hollis holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management and believes that every leader is just one amazing book away from being their best. This is that book.

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