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Whisper County




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When the lovely and mysterious waitress Annabelle disappears, the life of nice guy Gus Olson turns into an agonizing nightmare. His chickens get loose, and just like that, he’s in jail facing murder charges.

Gus is in a crisis of faith. Most of his friends have ditched him, and now he’s convinced that God has ditched him, too. And the Good Lord only knows if Gus will step into the courtroom with hopeless despair or prevailing faith.

The sharp defense attorney knows that nothing in a small town goes unnoticed. Someone saw something, but no one is talking.

No doubt about it, the folks of Whisper County believe Gus is indeed Annabelle’s ruthless killer, and they have decided over coffee that circumstantial evidence is enough for a conviction. Will Gus spend the rest of his life behind bars?

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About the Author
Teresa E. Nelson

Teresa E Nelson's first book, Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: A 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God was released in 2017. With a degree in communications and a desire to help people in difficult circumstances, she has served her community as a high school and community adult teacher, a social service case manager, a nonprofit leader, a grant writer, and a benefit auctioneer.

No stranger herself to poverty and cancer, Teresa led her community in a faith based mission to help people with various needs, and also founded a support outreach for people living with the uncertainty and struggles of cancer. In 2003, Teresa received the Nonprofit of the Year Award for leading a regional care-giving organization to quality high service impact.

Teresa E. Nelson is currently the pastor of a small rural church where Scripture is taught and people are loved. She is inspired as she teaches Bible classes at the local corrections facility and in her community, and also as she preaches Sunday messages online. Her passion is for all people to enjoy a thriving,purposeful, and eternal relationship with God.

Her childhood days were spent on a farm where she observed the ways of farmers, animals, nature, and God. It was a special delight for Teresa to listen to the visitors who sat at her adoptive mother's kitchen table, drank coffee,and shared their own unique stories. These times combined with experiences of her adult life was the background needed for the February 2021 release of her novel, "Whisper County".

She and her husband now share their lifetime of stories with their four wonderful adult children and their exceptional spouses, and nine precious grandchildren. Living in rural central Minnesota, they enjoy the wildlife roaming the fields, fishing, hunting, and of course, drinking coffee with their friends and neighbors at their own kitchen table.


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